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Re-fit & Retro-fit

Our solutions are fully adaptable in size, scale and features. We offer both retro-fit options and installs at the build stage. So whether you're replacing an old system, installing into a finished boat or still at the design stage we have a solution that can work for you.

We don't believe in one-size-fits all, which is why our solutions can include as much or as little as you want. Some of our clients are simply after TV source control, some  are focused on lighting and others want everything possible. We will work with you to find the best option for your space, family and lifestyle.

It's also worth noting we can integrate multiple properties on one system (whether marine or residential) so you can monitor all your properties and yachts remotely with ease.

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Complete Integration

Our solutions offer the most flexibility and functionality when integrated into a build from the beginning. We offer a range of scaleable solutions that can be adapted to different specifications and sizes of boats. We can work on an individual basis with your clients or offer a range of smart packages for your clients to chose from.

As smart technologies infiltrate more and more of our lives it's vital to be able to offer a solution that's easy to use and reliable to your clients. Our comprehensive support and remote monitoring ensures any issues can be dealt with before they become a problem, no matter where in the world the client is located.

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New builds & Re-fits

Our solutions are fully customisable and as such we can tailor what we offer to almost any circumstance. Whether it's a complete new build, a retro-fit on a finished boat or a re-fit of the interior we can provide a solution for your client. The earlier we can get involved in a project the better as this gives us more integration options and easier ways to keep the technology discrete.

Our audio solutions can be installed with or without our control systems, so if your client is looking for speaker and sound provision alone we will provide you with the best options aesthetically and acoustically. We can also integrate individual parts of our control solutions, for example just TV/Media control or stand alone lighting control and these can be easily expanded if/when required.